Reporter Bio: Nathan Mayer

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MayerNate Mayer is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. Nate was born on 20 March 1996.  His parents are divorced, and he has a younger sister. Mayer also owns two cats and a leopard gecko.

In his free time, Mayer likes to listen to music, play soccer, watch comedy movies, and sleep. Nate plays for the high school soccer team. His favorite memory as a child was his first trip to Walt Disney World; his favorite ride is the Rock and Roller Coaster, starring Aerosmith.

Over the summer, he went to the beach, worked at Weis, and hung out with his friends. In the future, Nate would like to travel to Madrid, Spain, to see his favorite soccer team play. Nate plans to go to college for communications to have a possible career after his service in the army.

Mayer would like to write articles in the sports and military category.

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