Reporter Bio: Nikkole Hagginbothom

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Nikkole Hagginbothom is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. She prefers to be called Nikki.

Hagginbothom is 17, almost 18; her birthday is 27 September . She wants to interview Johnny Depp and, of course, her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. Nikki always enjoys a good cheeseburger, especially at Austin’s.

After she graduates, Hagginbothom wants to go to PTI for hospitality. Her dream is to work at Walt Disney World. She desires to travel everywhere, especially Venice, Italy, because of the amazing view.

Hagginbothom has been the newspaper’s layout editor for two years. In her free time, she likes to read, write, draw, listen to music, and sleep. Her favorite types of music are pop and country. She lives in Blandon with her mom and dad. Nikki also lives with her twelve-year-old brother, Andrew, and nine-year-old sister, Rebecca, and their two pets, a golden retriever named Rusty and a cat named Mittens.

Hagginbothom likes Mexican food and very shiny objects such as glitter because she knows how much Mr. Houp likes to look magical.

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