Reporter Bio: Michael Osenbach

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OsenbachBorn on 10 April 1997, Michael Osenbach does not know his mother and lives only with his father, with whom he shares the same name.  He still tries his best to enjoy life in the way he sees fit.

Michael lives without brothers or sisters, just his cat Matrix, but he more the makes up for this with his friends like Frankie Talarico, James Cargen and Zachary Wyatt Koenig.

Joining the Journalism due to his admiration of Mr. Houp, who is his favorite teacher, Michael wishes for this class to be an interesting and rewarding part of his school year. One of Michael’s most memorable events from school comes from catching a touchdown pass from Zachary Koenig.  This event is exceeded only by his trip to Dorney Park and their subsequent ride home on their bikes.

One of the most interesting places Michael has visited is Ocean City, New Jersey, and he wishes to one day visit the Washington, D.C., Holocaust Museum because he finds learning about the Holocaust valuable.   When he finishes High school, Michael wants to become a UPS driver because it would allow him the freedom to work behind the wheel.

Osenbach states that he has no interesting or defining qualities, revealing a humble side. Michael has a humorous and attitude; he enjoys joking with friends for much of the day.

Whether it is eating his favorite meal–Chicken McNuggets dipped in BBQ sauce–or watching his favorite Football or Hockey teams play– Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Redwings –Michael Osenbach is an interesting and friendly guy who is just trying to make the best of life.

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