Reporter Bio: Tyler Rapposelli

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RapposselliTyler Rapposelli, born on 24 May 1997, is an energetic and enthusiastic writer, athlete, and student. He finds inspiration from his love of sports, soccer in particular. He has a lot of experience with this sport because he has played it since the age of 6 and now volunteers his time to help referee the same games in which he used to participate. He was even part of the 2012 Fleetwood Soccer Team, which placed second in the National soccer league.

In the movie genre, Rapposelli favors the movie Insidious for a compelling story line as well as good character development.  He would love to travel, particularly to Italy so he can revisit his family roots (the other of which is Irish).

Academically, Tyler far outpaces his peers, taking accelerated classes in order to better himself, as well as to facilitate his attendance at a prestigious college. He has not yet decided upon a college, but he did chuckle while stating, “They have to have a good soccer team.” He has found his inspiration through a simple thought process: “Create an energetic drive for others to be able to follow in my wake.”

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