Reporter Bio: Kyle Weinhold

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WeinholdBorn 7 January 1996 to Martin and Lorrie Weinhod, Kyle Weinhold is a 17-year-old senior at Fleetwood Area High School. This is his first year taking journalism.  He enjoys writing and thinks journalism will help him achieve his future goals in a field of writing. Kyle writes and draws in his spare time.  His stories vary from comedy to romance to mystery, and his drawings reflect his stories.

Most of Kyle’s  parallel career ideas include but are not limited to history, science, and writing. One of the reasons Weinhold likes to write is that he wants to be able to create a mental image in the readers’ minds.  Since his drawing range is limited, storytelling is the next best step. Some of the people who inspire him are Stephen King, Mark Twain, and H.B Lovecraft. His favorite book is The Gunslinger, by Stephen King. He enjoys this book a lot because it forces the reader to think and contemplate dark and disturbing images that the reader would normally wish not to think about. Stories such as this and others set in post-apocalyptic settings inspire him to portray stories that help invent new and interesting characters in strange and wonderful worlds.
Weinhold says that being a senior has not sunk in yet, as the year has just started and there has not been enough time to form an opinion. Mr. Driesbach is his favorite teacher he’s had yet because Driesbach tries to make learning and school fun for the students and because he makes the learning environment comfortable. Weinhold is ultimately a quiet individual who has a passion for learning and writing, which makes him an outgoing individual bent on accelerating his life towards success.

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