Reporter Bio: Renee Gerhart

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GerhartRenee Gerhart’s main reason for taking journalism is that it will help with college and permit her the chance  to join the Quill and Scroll Honor Society.  In her free time, Gerhart likes to practice color guard and read. Her favorite genre to read is fantasy, including The Mortal Instruments series.

Once high school is over, Gerhart plans to attend Kent State University in Ohio, where she will major in political science and minor in pre-law and Spanish. Kent is her best option for two reasons: first, it is close to her dad so she would no have to get a dorm on campus; and, second, it’s a good school. In five years, Renee sees herself in law school. In ten years, she sees herself being a lawyer with a stable income and traveling to Europe. Specifically, she wants to visit Spain, where she hopes to have fluent conversations in Spanish.

Gerhart aspires to have a home in the country, where it is peaceful and away from crowds, which are one of her pet peeves. Her second pet peeve is people with big egos. Her most significant memory from childhood was her parents’ divorce. Renee’s favorite teacher is Mr. Kochanasz because he tells a lot of stories in a loud and crazy way that makes it memorable.

Gerhart likes glitter in all colors. Her fears consist of spiders and clowns (because they are freaky). Renee’s favorite food is a gyro, and, in her opinion, Theo’s makes it the best. Last but not least, her favorite kind of music is metal.

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