Fleetwood Anticipates New NHL Season

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2-Rapposelli-PromotionalIt is back. The NHL has returned, it is roaring to go.

“The Flyers are where it’s at. They have the Stanley Cup in the bag,” Junior Logan Silvius said.

Last year’s Stanley Cup was the most watched event in NHL history. The former Stanley Cup champions are looking to repeat their successful season with another championship.

Last season the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in six games to win the Stanley Cup. The recent regular season was shortened to 48 games, and the playoffs were pushed back due to a lockout.

“I’m not a huge fan of the NHL, but, if I had to choose a team, I would say that my favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers because they are local and they have cool colors,” Junior Kayla Lynn Daniels said.

The Toronto Maple Leafs looked to be a solid contender for the title later in the playoffs after being a big underdog early on. It was the first time they made the playoffs since 2004, which broke one of the NHL’s longest playoff droughts.

“I’m really glad that the NHL is back.  I can’t wait to watch one of my favorite sports again. It was such a long wait, and I’m so excited for it to start back up,” junior Matt Masenheimer said.

The Pittsburgh Penguins entered the playoffs at the top spot of the Eastern Conference as the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference regular season champions with 72 points. It was a defining margin over the number 2 seed Montreal Canadiens, with 63 points. The Penguins did end up disappointing when they lost to the Boston Bruins, four games to zero.

As for the Western Conference, the Chicago Blackhawks led the conference with 77 points, trailed by the Anaheim Ducks who ended the regular season with 66 points.

“I love hockey, and I’m really excited that it’s back. Last season was very entertaining, and I hope this year doesn’t disappoint,” senior Doug Karpuek said.

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