Random Cheese: What Is Your Favorite Football Team and Why?

Posted on December 3, 2013 by


“Saints, because I have liked them my whole life.” –Sophomore Sam Lerch

“Cowboys, because they’re America’s team.” –Senior Maddie Bossler

“I don’t have one because I don’t watch football.”  –Senior defensive tackle Antonio Goode

“I like the Eagles because they’re from the hometown.” –Junior Joe Kinek

“Steelers, because that’s the first team that my dad mentioned to me.” –Junior Shaq Cobb

“I don’t watch football.” –Junior Jeury Rivas

“I like the Eagles because they’re from Pennsylvania.” –Senior Michael Tanis

“The Eagles because they’re the closest team.” –Senior Max Fretz

“I like the Steelers because of the colors.” –Senior Cory Campbell

“I like the Cowboys because they’re America’s Team.” –Junior Piper Brown

“Giants. They were the first football game I watched.” –Sophomore Jensen Sievert.

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