Operation “Safe Stop” Stops Unsafe Drivers

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Every weekday morning, someone would see a bus picking up children to bring to school. A person would also see a driver right behind that bus waiting for the bus to continue on its voyage to school. Luckily enough, that driver was being patient for the bus.

However, there are situations where the driver is not patient enough to wait for the bus and will drive right past the bus, pulling into the other lane, accelerating, and risking the children’s lives and his or her own life.

If the driver was in the other lane, the situation could be just as dangerous, perhaps even more so. It may not seem dangerous because the bus is in the other lane, but what if the child has to cross the street to return to his home?
It would not end well.

As each day passes, new drivers are joining the rush on the road. These newly licensed drivers are sometimes known for not following safety precautions.

Teenage drivers drive to school in the morning while younger students are riding buses. Both being on the road at the same time can cause serious complications.

Bus drivers cannot always prevent accidents caused by teenage drivers. It is hard for bus drivers to keep one eye on their passengers and the other on unsafe drivers.

But someone must keep an eye on the drivers, so a statewide awareness campaign called “Operation Safe Stop” has found a way to take care of this conundrum.

Officers from Tulpehocken and Bethel townships will have one officer on the bus and another in a police car. As the one officer spots a violator, he will inform the other officer in the car and have him pull over the violator. This event will happen once a day annually to assist the safety of children on school buses.

This campaign may influence teenage drivers to drive more safely instead of nonchalantly flying by stopped, blinking school buses.

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