What is your favorite part of winter break and why?

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“Staying home and hanging out with my friends.” –10th grader, Erik Clemons
“My birthday is over break.” –English teacher, Andrew Good
“Christmas time and spending time with family and friends.” –10th grader, Katie Lochman
“Being able to relax and not worry about school.” –10th grader, Adam Bounasera
“Seeing all of my family members since there are so many of us.” –9th grader, Abby Flannery
“I get to sleep in, and I like to sleep.” –10th grader, Laura Moran
“Being able to hang out with Mia!” –10th grader, Brooke Schaeffer
“I like being able to go skiing and watch edits.” –10th grader, Matt Schlegel
“Spending time with my family on Christmas.” –9th grader, Haley Schneider
“Relaxing and being able to do what I want.” –12th grader, Frankie Medy

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