FAHS Joins KU World Language Competition

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On 27 March 2014, Fleetwood’s German Club will go to Kutztown University to compete in an all-day competition called the “Kutztown World Language Meet.”

“So far, the tentative schedule is that Fleetwood students will compete in three events: cultural presentation, Taboorades, and go-animate.  Then they will tour the campus and the language department,” German teacher Christine Moll said.

“Last year the students took a placement test for the university,” Moll continued.  “They also had a choice between two morning events, where each student got to do one event and then they had lunch. They also go to tour the campus and sit in on a class.”

“I’m looking forward to getting out of school for the day, and the food they serve,” sophomore Shea Oswald said.

Some of the students to sign up were seniors Rachel Looker, Tessa Swider, Aaron Kulaga, Kyle Ahner, and sophomores Zachary Wanner and Shea Oswald.

“I’m glad she convinced me to do it!” senior Elaine Huang said.

In related news, on 27 November 2013, the German students had the opportunity to make quark for extra credit.

Quark is a creamy cheese that can be found throughout the world.  Depending on the region a person visits, the quark varies. These cheeses are found in parts of northern Europe, the Scandinavian region, and parts of Russia.

“Quark is a condiment that is sort of like a yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream all in one, and it’s not that sweet.  It’s eaten on bread or with jelly,” Frau Moll said.

“The quark was really good,” sophomore Zach Wanner said.

“I did it as an extra credit option, and the only class that made it was my ninth period,” Moll said.

Sophomore Devin Heller was the student to make the quark.

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