Eagle Improve in 2013-2014 Season

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The Philadelphia Eagles did not have many good expectations coming into the 2013-2014 season. They fired their head coach of 14 seasons, Andy Reid, who took the team to a terrible 4-12 season. That was not Reid’s brightest moment. Even though it ended badly for Reid, he had a great stay in Philadelphia, leading the team to multiple playoff appearances, three NFC Championship games, and a Super Bowl appearance in 2004.

Despite these accolades, most Philly fans agreed his time was up. The Eagles needed a change and a new spark in them to get things going in the right direction.

Immediately after Andy Reid was fired, the Eagles began to look for their new coach. Chip Kelly was one of the first names that came up.

Kelly was the coach at Oregon for the previous four years. He changed college football, as he brought in the new “hurry-up offense,” which strives to snap a play every four seconds. He was a name that the Eagles wanted to bring in for an interview. At the first meeting, he declined the offer and decided he wanted to stay at Oregon. Then, unexpectedly, he decided to make another visit to the Philadelphia Eagles, and, a day later, he was announced as the Eagles’ new head coach.

Immediately, he changed the Eagles’ way of thinking, including their diet and exercise regimen, which needed to change in order to run his high tempo offense. During the preseason, however, the team did not look like much improved. They finished the preseason 2-2.

The Eagles were off to a good start during the first game of the season as they went into Fed Ex stadium to play the Redskins.  The birds scored 33 first-half points. They ended up cruising to a 33– 22 victory to start off the season.

The Eagles then fell to 1-3 as they lost their next three games. The season started to take a turn for the worst, again.

A critical game for the Eagles came against the Giants. They were trailing by halftime, and Michael Vick was just knocked out of the game, forcing backup Nick Foles to step up and play. He helped the Eagles score 28 second-half points to beat the Giants in New York.

The following week, Nick Foles threw for three more TDs as they beat the Buccaneers 31-20 in Tampa Bay. The week after that, the Eagles played the Cowboys at home and lost 17-3 as Nick Foles was knocked out of the game and third string quarterback Matt Barkley took over. They then lost to the Giants at home, 15-7, as Matt Barkley struggled in the quarterback position for the Eagles again.

The next week, Nick Foles was back and threw seven TDs, tying an NFL record. He also threw for 404 yards. The Eagles then won four straight, putting them at 8-5 and in first place in the NFC East. The Eagles lost to the Vikings and beat the Bears 54-11 in the next two games to put their record at 9-6, all coming down to their week 17 game in Dallas for the NFC East title. The Eagles then won 24-22 as Kyle Orton threw a fourth quarter interception to seal the Eagles’ win.

The Eagles had their first playoff appearance in three years. They hosted the Saints in the Wild Card playoffs. They lost 26-24 as the Saints kicked a last second field goal to beat the Eagles. Even though they lost, nobody expected this end to the season. It was a great year, and the team looks to improve next season and go even further.

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