Soccer Champions League Explained

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The Champions League includes one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world. Most people know number one biggest,  World Cup. The UEFA Champions league is played similarly to the World Cup.

Teams must qualify for the Champions league exactly like the World Cup. Then there is a playoff round. After the playoff round is over, teams are determined for the Champions League. Group stages are selected randomly from a jar. Each team must play every team in its group. After group stages are over, the teams move on to the round of 16.

In the round of 16, teams play opponents once away and once home. They total up the scores of both the games, and the team with the higher number of goals goes through to what is known as the Quarterfinals.

In the Quarter- and Semi-finals, teams play the same way as in the round of 16, by facing their opponents once home and once away.

Finally, there is the Champions League Final.

Bayern Munich won the Champions league last year.

“Bayern Munich has too many quality players; I expect them to win it again this year,” Matt Massenheimer said.

Many big time players stand out during the Champions league. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the way with 9 Champions league goals in just 6 games. Zlatan Ibrahimovic follows with 8 goals and Sergio Aguero with 6 goals.

“Ronaldo is in unstoppable form right now, not only in the Champions League,” said Brendan Homan said.

Ronaldo also just won his second Ballon D’or of his career, netting 69 goals in only 60 games for club and country. He scored 3 goals to send his country to the World Cup.

The Champions league resumes play Tuesday, 18 February, with a huge match between Manchester City and Barcelona.

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