Random Profile: Jeffery Eager-Heffner Shares Hawaiian Experience

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Jeffery Eager-Heffner is a ninth grader at Fleetwood Area High School. He has played soccer since he was four years old for in both Fleetwood and in Hawaii.

Three years ago, Jeffery and his family were asked to move to Hawaii for his father’s job. His dad is an associate at Target and is continuing his job with them. Target asked if Jeffery’s dad would move to Hawaii with his family to help open the first Target shopping center.

They were given a three-year contract to live there. Jeffery says there are a few noticeable differences, including the houses, schools, and temperature. Instead of going to school 180 straight days like Pennsylvania schools do, Hawaiians go to school three months at a time, year round, and then they get three weeks off after every three months. During the three months they are at school, students  still have off on Saturdays and Sundays. Their school works in groups of four. When two of the groups are at school, the other two are off, and vice versa.

When they moved to Hawaii, the plane originally landed on the wrong island. It landed on Kauai instead of the island of Oahu. While Jeffery lived in Hawaii, he visited the island of Maui. The temperature in Hawaii is hot year round, which required Jeffery to help his parents with yard work all the time to keep a nice looking yard.

Houses in Oahu, Hawaii, are a lot smaller than houses around Fleetwood. In each town, there were four developments, and Jeffery lived in one of the developments in his town. The houses looked like clay houses, and all had different colored roofs.

“He is a great friend.  He’s funny, good at soccer, and an all-around good guy,” 9th grader Kale Follweiler said.

The main meat in Hawaii is called “Kalua pig,” simply known as here as pork. Hawaii has the same fast food places as Pennsylvania. For fun, Jeffery and his friends would go to the beach and play soccer. Jeffery’s soccer team, Rush, won the state cup.

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