Herman Assumes the Helm at FAHS

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Fleetwood Area High School welcomed a new principal at the end of 2013. His name is Stephen Herman.

Herman and his family moved to Fleetwood from Colorado so his son would be able to grow up around their grandparents.

Herman is enjoying his role as the principal of Fleetwood Area High School so far. He regularly shares his belief that the students and staff members are outstanding. Also, he believes the atmosphere in the hallways is wonderful. Herman has not had any issues with any of the students so far and hopes to keep it that way.

Rumors of him wanting to change things about Fleetwood, including creating a new dress code, are false. The only change he has thought about is to try to make semester classes, which would offer a wider selection of electives from which students could choose.

“He seems like a very good principal and a good fit to Fleetwood. He is pleasant to work with,” office assistant Arlene Bonanni said.

“He dresses very nice and seems like a great principal,” freshman Jesse Bredbenner said.

Herman used to play ice hockey for a few years and enjoyed it very much. He also coached an ice hockey team while he lived in Colorado.

Now that he has started a family, he does not have as much time to play. His five-year-old son is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to him, in addition to his wife.

Herman has not yet been able to attend any of the Fleetwood events yet. He is nearly settled in his house and is planning to start attending extracurricular activities shortly.

“He is kind and seems like a good fit,” freshman Luis Leon said.

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