Fleetwood Teachers Multiplying

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Three teachers at Fleetwood have recently been blessed with newborn children. Dina Heffner, Susan Cammauf, and Zachary Houp are now balancing marker boards with their diapers.

Dina Heffner gave birth on Saturday, 19 October 2013, at 2:27 p.m. Her baby girl was born at the Reading Hospital and was named Kayley Anna Heffner. Her middle name originated from her grandmother’s first name. Little Kayley was 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Kayley is Heffner’s only child as of now.

“She has a cute smile and a way of babbling. When she fell asleep Christmas Eve, I put bows all over her. It was a cute photo op,” Heffner said.

Kayley is said to look more like her father. She is also a go-with-the-flow baby and not fussy, unless she is requesting food.

“She is off to a good start as a future economics student! I read a book by Doctor Seuss about money that Ms. Neiman bought her. And yes… She does have a few John Deere themed outfits. Plus tractor books!” Heffner said.

Susan Cammauf gave birth on 15 November 2013. Cammauf chose to have a Caesarean section. Her little girl is named Ashtyn Cammauf. Cammauf has two other children. Logan was her first–he is now six years of age–and she has another baby girl named Kylee who is two-years-old.

Zachary Houp’s wife Jennifer Houp gave birth to their second child on 17 October 2013. Elliot Zachary Houp was born at the Reading Hospital. Elliot was eight pounds and six ounces. Houp’s oldest child is Mia Faith Houp; she was born on 18 October 2011, making her two years old.

Houp’s son is now giggling and laughing. Elliot likes to smile when he hears popping sounds made by his father, and Mia can walk and talk at this point. Most people say that Elliot looks like his sister as a baby rather than either parents.

“He’s a wonderful little man who is good at sleeping through the night even if he doesn’t sleep through the day,” Houp said.

For these new parents–and even the second or third timers–this is definitely an experience for them, and there remains a lot to learn.

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