Fleetwood Cured of Bieber Fever Epidemic

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Justin Bieber recently experienced some trouble with the law, leading to a rough start to the new year.

Bieber’s neighbor accused him of throwing eggs over his fence on 9 January. Bieber caused approximately $20,000 in damage. Then Los Angeles police raided his $6.5 million mansion.

Bieber was later arrested in Miami on suspicion of drunk driving, resisting arrest, driving without a valid license, and drag racing. He was pulled over in a rented yellow Lamborghini. According to Miami police, he rented his Lamborghini from Lou La Vie. They also have a policy that drivers have to be 21 or older. Justin Bieber is 19. A rented Lamborghini goes for $600-$1,800 a day, with a cash deposit of $5,000-$12,000.

Bieber blew under .08 for his Breathalyzer test, but he failed the sobriety test. He also told the cops he was under the influence of an illegal substance.

Then he smiled for his mugshot.

A new pop culture movement has begun to petition the government for Bieber’s deportation.  Fleetwood students’s may be among the signers.

“Yes he should [be deported] because he broke the law and should face the consequences,” senior Cesar Avila said.

“Yes because he needs to be set straight,” senior Collin Reinert said.

“The tirade was apparently triggered by what Justin Bieber perceived as an attempt by Moshe Benabou to keep one member of Mr. Bieber’s entourage physically away from Justin Bieber,” the neighbor’s lawsuit said.  “As part of this tirade, Justin Bieber repeatedly punched [neighbor] Moshe Benabou in the chest and upper body area.  Mr. Benabou did not retaliate or attempt to protect himself out of his concerns for Justin Bieber’s physical well-being.”

Bieber’s private plane was also stopped for the suspension of illegal substances on board.

Over 100,000 people signed a petition to ask the president to revoke Justin’s green card. Their reason why is “he is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth.”

But not all Fleetwood students concur.

“People need to give him a break and be more lenient,” sophomore Mia Nowotarski said.

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