NFL Reinvents Pro Bowl

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“This Pro Bowl was exciting to watch this year,” junior Frankie Talarico said.

The Pro Bowl was nothing like it was in past years. This year’s Pro Bowl was different. The stars realigned: no more AFC vs. NFC. It is all about giving fans match-ups they have never seen before.

“The uniforms were really strange, but the game was competitive,” junior Thaddeus Cornick said.

Spectators watched the all-stars get drafted, unexpected teams form,  and memorable match-ups arise. This was a game like no one has ever seen before. This was the Pro Bowl: UnConferenced.

The NFL picked two captains for each team instead of doing the traditional AFC vs. NFC. The two captains were hall of fame cornerback Deion Sanders and hall of fame wide receiver Jerry Rice.

They were free to pick whomever they wanted from the Pro Bowl roster. This allowed for the opportunity of teammates hitting teammates.

The NFL made these changes because they wanted the Pro Bowl to be competitive, so they had multiple solutions to this. One of them was to add money into the game for the winning team.

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