Russell Wilson to be Two-Sport Athlete?

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Russell Wilson is a professional quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson played college football for the University of Wisconsin and was picked by the Seahawks with the twelfth pick in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft.

Wilson was never seen to be the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl championship-winning team, considering he sits at 5 foot, 11 inches, and around 206 pounds. Quarterbacks are known to be tall, so it is impressive to see Wilson, who is short by the NFL’s standards, excel. Drew Brees is really the player who showed that short quarterbacks can be good.

“I knew he would be pretty good.  He was very impressive in his rookie season, but it is a really great achievement to win it in his sophomore season,” junior Tyler Emge said.

Wilson has not only been in the spotlight for football lately. He recently went through workouts with the MLB team the Texas Rangers and made it clear that he is going to hang his Rangers jersey, with “Wilson” on the back of course, up in his house. When asked if he would ever be a two-sport athlete, he replied, “Never say never.”

“That would be ridiculous if he ever ended up playing football and baseball,” junior Brenden Homan said.

Russell started playing baseball when he was four-years-old. He recently explained how much he misses the game and how he loves to get back to his baseball roots.

“If he continued to work and get the repetition, he could probably be as good as he is a football player,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said.

There are plenty of people out there who would love to see Wilson become a two-sport athlete, but everyone will have to wait and see what he decides to do with the future of his career.

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