April Fools: Curling Comes to Fleetwood in 2014

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Fleetwood Area High School has been looking to improve their school spirit and the sports program in recent years.  There was a lot of thought put into a new sports program and other things of that nature, and, finally, a decision has been made.

“Wow, I wasn’t aware that we were getting a curling team.  That’s pretty cool” explains English teacher Sarah Wilkinson.

The brand new Fleetwood Area High School Curling team sounds crazy, but this is something that many schools are looking to add into their programs. Fleetwood will be competing with a select few schools in the state with the program. Some weekends, the team may have to travel out of state to get some more competition in tournaments.

“That’s a really weird sport to have in high school.  I didn’t even know other schools around here, if any in the country, had it,” junior Kae Huang said.

An ice rink will be put in beneath the existing secondary gymnasium, where only curling will be played. The school district will not allow students to skate on the rink.

Teachers are hoping that curling will help students concentrate in school and use the sport as a stress reliever. It also may help with certain skills, including angles and other math terms of that nature.

“It’s pretty cool that Fleetwood is getting a curling team.  Not many schools around here have that, and barely anybody knows about the schools that do! It’s not really big here, so maybe it will get some more recognition soon,” junior Joseph Kinek said.

Curling is a growing sport throughout the world, and it will surely be moving into a lot more schools across the United States.  Although it isn’t really very popular right now, it should be a lot more popular in the near future.

Curling is an interesting sport to put in a high school, but the students will surely enjoy it.  The super fans are expected to attend plenty of these matches and support their fellow students.

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