David Beckham and Lebron James to Start MLS team

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After retiring in May 2013, David Beckham is going to start his very own Major League Soccer (MLS) team. Beckham’s team will be started in Miami, Florida. David is expected to organize his own team for the 2017 season as the twenty-second team in MLS. Everyone is ready for a Miami MLS team to start after 10 years ago, when the team of Miami folded. When Beckham signed with the LA Galaxy in 2007, there was a clause given in the contract that stated he could start his own MLS team for $25 million.

Beckham must wait until his franchise meets all of the right requirements for the MLS. There is also a stadium being built for Beckham’s team. The support that David Beckham is getting already is incredible. He is doing something that is going to bring great success into the city of Miami.

In November, more shocking news came out about this new franchise. LeBron James told reporters he is teaming up with David Beckham in this investment. James, who is currently playing basketball with the Miami Heat, said he is glad to be involved with this franchise. Beckham and James have become close friends over the last few years. LeBron James is already a minority shareholder with the English Premier League, team Liverpool.

David Beckham still has a lot of work to get done before his team would start up. Beckham needs to confirm his stadium, get workers, sign players, higher staff members, pick a team name, etc. This project will be a long process.

“If this were to follow through, it would simply be amazing watching one of the best players to play the game of soccer start his own franchise,” junior Matt Hook said.

James acquired more interest in the sport after he joined to help Liverpool. LeBron went to England to tour the team’s facilities and meet players after winning his first NBA Championship. James’s kids also enjoy the game.

David Beckham wants to sign Cristiano Ronaldo as his first player for the new team.

“With David Beckham, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo all in the same organization, I don’t think anything could go wrong,” junior Brendan Homan said.

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