Adreian Payne Creates Off-Court Legacy

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Sometimes there are stories that emerge during March Madness that make you want to put your bracket down and realize something. One of those stories comes between Michigan State basketball star Adreian Payne and Lacey Holsworth.

Lacy is an 8-year old child whom Payne met when the Michigan State basketball team went to a local hospital. Lacy is battling cancer. They consider one another brother and sister after meeting one day and hanging out playing games and coloring in the hospital.

When Michigan State won the Big Ten Championship a month ago, Payne carried Lacy on his shoulder on the court. They were celebrating his big win. Payne lifted Lacy up to help cut down the net after their big win.

With this win for Michigan State, it put the team easily into March Madness. Lacy is said to be March Madness’s biggest fan. Lacy is even becoming popular on a social media site. She has over 17,000 followers on Twitter.

Lacy’s parents said that Payne walked into her life one day and has never left. He became her brother.

“She is my sister, and I would never let anything happen to her,” Payne told reporters.

Lacy and Payne have texted every day since meeting one another two years ago.

The two of them fight for each other every day. As Payne fights for Lacy by improving everyday in the sport he loves, he also dedicates every win to her. Lacy fights for Payne by recovering well.

Lacy was in the hospital again a year ago. Her prognosis was not promising. Payne went to visit her and brought her a stuffed bear. Lacy’s mother whispered in her ears every couple of minutes, telling her that Adreian was there to see her. She finally opened her eyes after a couple of days and smiled. When they see each other, Lacy feels protected and on top of the world.

Inspirational stories like these are what change March Madness into something greater. If your favorite team has been eliminated, why not cheer on this amazing story from Michigan State.

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