Girls Soccer Starts Season Kicking

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Going into the 2014 fall girls’ soccer season, Fleetwood lost one of its top scorers last year, Bella Abrams, after moving to Wyomissing. Also losing some key seniors was a big worry for the team this coming season, as well as players sidelined due to injuries. But the Tigers did not let any of that bring them down.

“Yeah, we lost some players to this or that, but I’m very pleased with the way we adjusted and how some underclassmen stepped up and filled positions where we needed them,” Senior Ashley Diehm said.

The incoming freshmen are looking very promising as well. Speed and ball skill were what really seemed to help the girls win their first couple games.

“I’m looking forward to see what the Tigers will do this year. Maybe another County Championship [is]  in their near future,” former Fleetwood high school student Clay Weidemoyer said.

A few years ago, a former group of girls started doing team events to bring the girls a lot closer, and the current ladies continue to do that. Team bonding events are a big thing. Last year, they went on haunted hayrides,  ice cream trips, and team dinners.

“I really enjoy the idea of team bonding events. I’m so glad that we started these little get-togethers. It really helps bring the team so much closer and really helps keep the drama down greatly. We are all so close, and I think that’s part of our success,” junior Kaite Quillman said.

“I love coming out and watching the girls’ soccer team just run all over most of the teams they play.  I know they are going to have yet another great season,” junior Jake Wapinsky said.

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