Ray Rice Suspended Indefinitely

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The Ray Rice incident has received a lot of publicity over the last few months. It seems as if everyone has his or her own viewpoints regarding the incident, and the public may never know the full truth.

Ray Rice was arrested for domestic violence. He and his girlfriend were at a casino when they apparently entered into an argument. A video surfaced showing Rice bringing his fiancé out of an elevator unconscious.

Rice then spoke out for the first time on 23 May. He apologized for the situation and told reporters that he was working hard to become a better role model and father. When this came out, Rice was handed a two -game suspension by the NFL.

“Hitting a woman is not right in any way,” senior Joe Kinek said.

Rice was key player on the Ravens, and he made it clear that he realized how badly he messed up. The whole Ravens organization was disappointed in Rice, but they were by his side the whole way.

Just a couple of months after this incident, Rice and his fiancé were married.

All of a sudden, a new video came out. This video depicted what happened in the elevator but was said to be “ambiguous.” The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell took a look at the new video. They then suspended Ray Rice indefinitely.

“The NFL is not right. Roger Goodell needs to go,” senior Tyler Emge said.

“There is no way the NFL didn’t see the whole video right from the beginning,” senior Matt Hook said.

On 9 September, the Ravens released running back Ray Rice.  John Harbaugh, the Ravens head coach, told reporters they did not see the video until TMZ released it.

Rice’s wife then went on to tell reporters they are making this a nightmare as they do not want to relive a moment that nobody wants to remember.

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