Fansler Takes the Globey in September

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fanslerThis school year, Fleetwood Area High School, under the guidance of new principal Stephen Herman, started choosing an employee of the month. Mrs. Bonnie Fansler was selected by the faculty for the month of September.

Fansler is a nurse at Fleetwood. She loves helping anyone in need and is very caring about everyone in school.

“We started employee-of-the month to have positive behavior and wanted people to focus more on the positive. I want teachers and students to enjoy their day here. Ms. Fansler is very student-oriented, and she cares a lot about the students,” Herman said.

“She’s helpful and gave me eye drops,” junior Erik Clemons said.

“She’s awesome and helps students when they are in need,” Junior Austin Sowa said.

“Ms. Fansler is cool and really nice,” sophomore Sydney Lobb said.

“I like how nice she is to everyone,” junior Gina Esposto said.

“It makes me feel good that other people thought enough to consider me for this,” Fansler said.

She also feels humble and honored that she is employee-of-the-month; it came as quite a surprise to her.

“I love my job as being a nurse.  I like taking care of peoples’ needs,” Fansler said.

“She is really sweet and always cares about everyone that comes in to see her,” junior Mia Barnshaw said.

“She helped me when I had a stomachache,” senior Mitch Kinek said.

“She helped me when I didn’t feel good [sic],” senior Joe Kinek said.

“Every time I go to the nurse’s office and she’s there, she is really nice,” junior Jake Wapinsky said.

“She is awesome, and I really like her,” junior Jake Feick said.

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