Students React to Shrinking Gas Prices

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Gas prices around the area have dropped. According to the Associated Press, by the end of this year, gas prices should drop down to under $3 a gallon.

“I like to go places, but gas prices are ridiculous right now. I have a truck, and I put like $60 in it to fill the tank up. One time I put $20 in the tank, and it only filled it up a quarter, so I’m glad they’re going down,” senior Emily Nowotarski said.

“Gas is cheaper than diesel, which isn’t good because I have a truck,” junior Ben Faust said.

“I don’t drive yet, but that’s good gas prices are dropping,” sophomore Sydney Lobb said.

Every Thursday, gas prices change. Gas stations compete against each other for more customers, so they might drop the price a little lower.

“I hear the prices for gas are going down, so that’s good, and I’m happy about that,” junior Shannon Tissera said.

Depending on where someone purchases groceries, he or she can get more money off gas. Giant Food Store offers discounts on gas depending on how frequently someone shops there. This is even more helpful. Also, people can get gas cards at their local gas stations, including Turkey Hill and Sheetz.

“Gas prices could always be lower, but I don’t feel they’re out of control at the moment,” teacher Mark Coassolo said.

“Gas prices don’t affect me right now, but I guess it’s good prices are lowering,” Junior Bri Bowman.

“It depends what you are getting gas for. When I fill up the lawn mower, it’s cheaper than filling up the car,” senior Joe Kinek said.

“I don’t like to drive. I hardly drive, so I don’t pay that much for gas,” senior Matt Hook said.

“Gas is cheaper here than in Poland,” Senior Tom Paniak said.

Depending on what kind of car a person drives, he or she may need a lot of gas. Hummers earn 9 to 20 m.p.g. depending on the model, whereas an Acura gets 30 to 40 m.p.g., which can save a lot more money by driving a smaller car rather than a big car.

“Paying for my own gas is expensive, but I’m glad the prices are dropping,” junior Kaitlin Eckert said.

“When I get paid, all my money goes to gas,” junior Bree Witman said.

“Gas prices are high, but I’m glad to hear they’re dropping,” junior Olivia Allison said.

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