Fleetwood Students Enjoy Homecoming Activities

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Homecoming always seems to be the favorite week of the school year for students and staff. Activities this year included the pep rally, decorating hallway decorating, spirit week, and the first annual variety show. The parade is one of the town’s favorites. Also, the school district started a community bonfire after the parade, which was a big hit last year.

President of student council, Kae Huang, was upset that, as a senior, this will be her last year planning Homecoming.

“It’s such a bittersweet feeling being a part of Homecoming for my fourth year here at Fleetwood. It’s been so awesome watching everyone come together for the best time of the year,” she said.

“The best part about Homecoming is that I’m going to be able to play my first Homecoming football game, and that’s pretty exciting. It’s going to be one of the hypest [sic] games of the season. Being able to run out of that locker room onto the field hearing the entire stadium just go crazy for us is going to be such an unforgettable feeling,” Junior Jake Feick said.

This year’s homecoming court included Tyler Emge, Matt Hook, Shaq Cobb, Zach Koenig, and Tyler Rapposelli for the guys; and Cyre Virgo, Emily Nowatoarski, Shelbi Heffner, Delaney Karpeuk, and Irene Licari for the girls.

“Being on Homecoming court is such a cool experience. Being able to ride a nice car around in the parade is going to be fun, along with making the posters for everyone to look at,” senior Tyler Emge said.

Cyre Virgo won homecoming queen, and Shaq Cobb won homecoming king.

“Homecoming court last year was so much fun! Walking out during halftime and waiting to find out who won was so exciting. Though I didn’t win, I still had a really fun time with my other good friends that made it on too. I’m so glad that, for my senior year, I experienced homecoming the way I did,” former Fleetwood student Clay Weidemoyer said.

A lot of work is put into Homecoming. Every year, students and staff hold a pep rally. Powerdpuff has also been a big hit since it started.

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