Are the L.A. Kings Ready to Be Dethroned?

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With the NHL season kicking off about a week ago, students, staff, and faculty gathered around their TVs or computers or Smart Phones to watch one the games on the opening day of the season.

“Thank you, [God]! I am jumping for joy that the season has finally started,” senior Mike Osenbach said.

The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last year, beating the New York Rangers in the fifth game of the series with a score of 3-2 to win the Championship.

“The fifth game of the series was a great one. Playoff hockey is definitely the most exciting sport to watch in my opinion–nonstop action!  It just doesn’t get any better than that,” Osenbach said.

The season kicked off on 8 October with four games being played, all of which were Wednesday Night Rivalries. The eight teams that played were the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, defending Stanley Cup Champions LA Kings, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Montreal Canadiens.

“I’m not a fan of any of the teams that played, but it was still great to finally get to watch some Hockey again,” senior Matthew Hook said.

Last year’s Cup finals were looked at as a “battle of the coasts,” due to the fact that The Kings are from the west coast and the Rangers from New York.

“Rangers should have won the Cup last year, but the Kings just played really well.  They earned it. But I have to cheer for my favorite team, which will soon be the Philadelphia Flyers,” senior Rocco Russo said.

With the season finally underway and the puck ringing on the iron (and rattling around the boards and hitting the glass), it seems like things have reached a certain level of normalcy for some of the fans.

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