Fleetwood Ice Hockey Drops the Puck for New Season

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The Fleetwood Ice Hockey Club dropped the puck for their season on Friday, 12 September, at 7:00 p.m. The first practice was held at BodyZone Sports Complex.

“I’m eager to see what the future holds for the club, and I’m anticipating a much better outcome than we had last year,” senior Mike Osenbach said.

Last year was the first inaugural season for the Fleetwood Ice Hockey Club. The Tigers had a rough season, finishing 0-9-1.

The only game the Tigers did not lose was against Cocalico. Fleetwood was down 7-3 at the start of the second period but managed to rally back and put up four unanswered goals to tie the game just before regulation ended.

“We had a tough first year, and we had a lot of first year players.  It was hard to capitalize when we needed to,” Osenbach said.

With a team that hardly had enough players to make three full lines, one goal tender, and an abundance of first year players, the Tigers struggled to do much of anything. Steve Rowe was the Varsity head coach last year, and rumors circulated that he coached at too high of a level for the skill set on the team.

“We had guys on both ends of the spectrum, guys that could hardly skate, guys that skate just as good as they walk, and guys that have been playing since they learned how to walk. Coach Rowe was a good coach, but he just coached outside of the skill set that his team had.  It didn’t really benefit some of the guys that had a lot of weaker areas that they needed to work on,” senior Logan “Log” Silvus said.

Rowe previously coached at Penn State Berks, which is a Division I Club team. Rowe recently moved with his family to Maryland, and Steve Sowers has taken over as the head coach for Fleetwood.

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