Random Profile: Kiki Labaze Joins FAHS

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Kiki Labaze moved from John Hus Moravian Church School and is a junior here at Fleetwood Area High school. After Kiki graduates, she plans to go to college somewhere in New York, but she is unsure about what she wants to study.

Labaze has five siblings and was born on 2 March. In her free time, she likes to write music and sing. Kiki’s favorite sports are basketball and volleyball, and her favorite places to shop are Wet Seal and Marshalls. She loves the colors yellow and orange.

Kiki’s favorite food is pizza, and her favorite subject is anatomy.

“Kiki is really cool. She is really sassy and fierce. She’s a straight forward and ‘get to the point’ person. We hangout sometimes, and, when we do, it’s fun,” junior Riley Smith said.

Kiki loves going to amusement parks. Her favorite one to visit is Dorney Park and her favorite ride is Steel Force. This is her favorite ride because she likes the huge drop at the beginning of the ride and how fast it goes.

Her favorite season is winter because it’s very pretty and she loves the positive energy; however, she isn’t a big fan of the cold weather.

“I say ‘hi’ to her in the in the hallways sometimes.  She is pretty cool,” junior Julia Pickar said.

Kiki doesn’t really have time to watch TV, but she really likes to watch the show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

She doesn’t own any pets, but her favorite animals are dogs and turtles.

“Kiki is really funny.  She is pretty cool and nice,” junior Jake Feick said.

Kiki can’t wait to be a senior.

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