NBA Starts with King James in Cleveland

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The NBA is starting back up. As you may already know, in the off-season, LeBron James made his return to Cleveland. There was a ton of speculation about LeBron staying in Miami or returning to his hometown. James decided to return home, where he spent all of his childhood. The Cleveland fans were none to happy about LeBron’s exit. However, after four years with Miami and two championships, LeBron made the tough call.

The season started off with the defending champs, the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks. San Antonio is looking to get back to the championship.

“I am a big LeBron fan.  That man is not human-like,” senior Matt Hook said.

Also, on opening night, the Rockets will be traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers. This will be Kobe’s first game back after missing all of last season due to an injury. Also, coming back from injury is Derrick Rose, after missing all of last season.

Paul George from the Pacers suffered a broken leg during the Fifa World Cup of basketball. The Indiana Pacers are losing more and more starters as the season approaches. David West and George Hill will also be missing some game time for the Pacers due to a sprained right ankle and a bruised left knee, respectively. Lance Stevenson was traded in the off season to the Hornets. The Pacers will have four new starters in their lineup this year.

“I’m excited for the season to start,” junior Mohammed Jalloh said.

This is the first time in seven years the NBA doesn’t have LeBron starring on opening night. LeBron is looking to have another great season.  James will be trying to get his new team back to the finals. Kyrie Irving, the star point guard for the Cavs, will be playing alongside LeBron now. They have the team they need to reach the finals.

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