Russo Reveals Basic Training Regimen for New Army Recruits

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Anyone desiring to join the army must go through a ten week training known as basic training. This is a huge leap from being a normal citizen into a well-developed soldier.

This training goes through the basic skills needed out in the field as well as bringing out the confidence in every single person. As a soldier, each person is taught the seven army core values, known as LDRSHIP, which stands for loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.

“I had a blast,” senior Chris Russo said.  Russo went through the challenging ten weeks this past summer.

To kick off the training, each recruit goes through the general orientation, is given a haircut, and is issued a standard Army uniform. The first couple of weeks are basic tactical training. To determine a recruit’s personal physical aptitude, he or she goes through the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Along with that, recruits are taken through nuclear, biological, and chemical defense. One obstacle involved in the chemical defense is the “gas chamber,” where recruits are taken into a room that is filled with tear gas so they can experience what it’s like. Recruits also must gain their confidence and rappel off of the Eagle Tower.

Russo describes every day as the same: “I had no sleep, worked out all day, got yelled at and screamed at, shot at by eight different weapons, went back to the barracks, showered up, slept.”

Later on in the training, recruits are taught how to handle and use several weapons, including the M136, hand grenades, and an AT-4.

“I used the M249 machinegun,” Russo said.

Recruits then go on the tactical foot march, which can be around 14 miles while carrying heavy gear.

Their skills are then put to the test in the field training exercise, which is concluded with a night infiltration course that tests the recruits in the dark.

Finally, when all is done family and friends gather together to view citizens becoming soldiers at their graduation.

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