Giants Take Royals to Seven and Come out Victorious

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This time of year is when the baseball postseason arrives. The World Series has come and gone. The San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals were the two teams headed the World Series.

The Royals entered as a Wild Card game to get into the postseason, but they did not let that affect them. That wild card game may have given them the momentum they needed to reach to finals. Both these teams have a great pitching rotation and a strong lineup. It was an exciting series.

The first game of the series was Tuesday, 21 October. It was played in Kansas City. However, with great pitching from Madison Bumgarner and great defense from San Francisco, the Giants would go on to win Game One, 7-1. The Giants were off to an early start with an RBI double from Pablo Sandoval followed by a two-run homerun from Hunter Pence. Bumgarner would continue to dish, throwing a 3-hit, 1-run, 5-strikeout game through 7 innings of work.

“I don’t like either of these teams, but I would like to see the Royals pull it off,” junior Hunter Zagorski said.

This was not the only bad news for the Giants. This blowout in game one led to television ratings plummeting 15%. With the Giants already having a 3-0 lead before the Royals even had a chance to bat yet, people turned away.

“It’s never fun to watch a blowout game, no matter what the sport is,” senior Brandon Royer said.

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