Are You Addicted To Your Phone?

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In the past few years, phone addictions have become more popular. While walking down the street, most people will be looking down at their phones.

Even at dinner and family meals, it has become ‘normal’ to be on the cellphone instead of conversing with everyone at the table.

Designer companies have come up with a new way to wean people off of their cellphones. It is called the noPhone.

The noPhone is a plastic device that has no purpose at all except to help people with their phone addiction.

noPhone cannot connect to the Internet, make calls, or merge with Bluetooth.

Researchers believe that, if people have a device in their hands that is the same weight and shape of an iphone, it will give them the feeling as if they have their mobile device by their side at all time.

Studies show more than half of the population has anxiety when they do not have their cellphone at their side. Ingmar Larsen is one of the producers of the noPhone.

Larsen says they are still figuring out how to make this more effective for the future.

“I always have my phone on me and use it for everything” senior Lizzay Faust said.

As odd as it sounds, many people have phone addictions.  Seventy-one percent of people say they check their phone within an hour of waking up, and 56% of people say they check their phone an hour before going to sleep.

“I use my phone for a lot of things, so I don’t know what I’d do without it,” senior Gary Gabriel said.

More people are spending time looking at their phone than they are socializing with each other.

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