PA Driver’s Test Requires Practice, Preparation

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Getting your driver’s license and driving is what most people look forward to at some point in his or her life. Being able to drive gives you freedom and a huge responsibility.

“I love driving. I drive to a lot of places. My favorite place to go is Panera with my friends,” junior Olivia Allison said.

“Since the gas prices have dropped, I like driving even more now. I like going to Chipotle when I can. Taking my driver’s test was scary but I am so glad I passed. I can go wherever I want, and it’s awesome,” junior Lexi Roach said.

Having your license lets you drive to wherever you want and whenever you want.

If you are feeling like going out to get food, going out to do something, or even taking a day trip to anywhere, having your license makes everything very convenient.

The age at which teens can acquire their learner’s permit varies from state to state. The length of time you must have your permit and driving hours varies too.

To be able to get your permit in Pennsylvania, you must be at least sixteen-years-old and pass a test.

The exam is based on information about Pennsylvania traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving techniques contained in the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual.

Before heading down to a driver license center, it’s a good idea to make an appointment.

With your learner’s permit in your possession, you have to get behind-the-wheel practice. This practice may only be completed with a licensed driver twenty-one years-old or older.

You must log sixty-five hours of supervised driving with a licensed driver. Ten hours must be at night, and five hours must be during inclement weather.

Visit to read about all the details with getting and keeping a driver’s permit.

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