Life Skills Teaches Our Tigers Skills For Life

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The Life Skills department is a great opportunity for kids to learn to be independent. The kids do many things to help the school. For example, they make all of the cookies at lunch! They bake them, and they stock them in the cafeteria. They do many fundraisers like making crafts to sell.

Students in Life Skills learn many skills that other kids would do on a daily basis, including math and reading. They go to a room every day to learn the basic math and reading skills they need. Another thing they learn is how to satisfy the basic financial needs of life. They talk about how much money is needed in order to live on their own.

In their class room, they do many things in order to learn how to participate in the workforce. On a daily basis, their routine is sometimes similar to a work environment, and the room is set up like a workshop.

In classes like this, the students learn skills such as decision-making, goal setting, problem-solving, coping with stress, and coping with emotions.

They also deal with negotiating, friendships, interpersonal relationships, empathy (concern for others), critical thinking, creative thinking, resisting peer pressure, and assertiveness.

This class is a great opportunity for them to realize what it is going to be like to live on their own!

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