2014 Fleetwood Hall Of Fame Inducts Nick Hope

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Nick Hope, along with two other students, was chosen to be a part of the 2014 Fleetwood Hall of Fame. Nick started playing soccer at the age of six and has been playing for eleven years. He plays defender for Fleetwood Area High School.

“I’ve grown to love the game, and the people who I play with help me to even love it more,” Hope said.

Hope made Varsity his sophomore year of high school, which gave him more opportunities to help him get used to playing at such a high and qualified level. He worked hard in soccer to help his team win a title this year. Hope loves how physically demanding soccer is because it helps him become a better player.

“I think I was chosen because I was one of many people that helped our team advance in playoffs this year. Along with others, I helped defend against some tough opponents,” Hope said.

Hope plays for FC Revolution after the school season ends. Nick wants to continue playing soccer or track throughout college.

“He is easily the most hard-working, humble, and kind person I know. I’m not even saying that as his girlfriend but as his teammate in track. He also encourages everyone, cheers everyone on, and never complains about anything,” sophomore Haley Miller said.

Nick’s biggest supporter is his dad; he comes to every game to cheer him on and is there for him through thick and thin. Nick’s favorite thing about soccer is chasing down “breakaways.” But he thinks the most challenging thing about soccer is when the opposing team has fast offense.

“He is crazy fast and a solid defender,” junior Gina Esposto said.

This year, Hope and his team split the division title with Twin Valley and finished first in the District. They also reached State Semi Finals, which was the farthest the team has come since winning the state championship in 2009.

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