German Club Broadens International Bonds

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German Club has been a part of Fleetwood Area High School for many years now. Frau Moll is the current advisor of the club. German Club is a group of students who meet to widen their German knowledge throughout culture-related events.

This club is involved in a lot of different things throughout the year. So far this year, the club has held an Apfelstudel baking party, attended the Reading Liederkranzs Evening of German, presented an interactive program to the Middle School World Languages Homeroom, and held an Advent Calendar fundraiser. Moll has some future events planned, including another visit to the Middle School and a gingerbread house party closer to Christmas time.

“I’ve never been in the German Club, but, when my mom was in high school, she was president of the German Club at her school, and she always talked about how fun it was. I also knew someone who was in German club, and they always talked about the different things they did, like going on trips,” Fleetwood graduate Clay Weidemoyer said.

If you are interested in joining the German Club, anyone may come to any scheduled German Club meeting in room 14 after school. Anybody can join the German Club, even if he or she is not studying German as his or her foreign language.

“I’m in German class this year, but I’m not in the club. Everything they do looks like a lot of fun, and I’m considering joining next year,” junior Jake Wapinsky said.

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