FAHS Students Visit Holocaust Museum

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The field trip to the Holocaust museum on 11 November 2014 was a special day. It was enlightening and moving for the students who went. The day was dedicated to the recognition that people were dehumanized by this tragedy. It is important to understand this topic so that people can prevent this occurrence from happening again.

Inside the museum, there are many floors to explore. Ninety-one survivors came to the museum and gave their firsthand, chilling experiences. These survivors were not paid. The museum possesses over twelve thousand artifacts and 49,000,000 pages of documentation. People from all over the world come to visit to experience the museum firsthand.

Two million visitors tour it annually. The museum opened to the public for the first time on 26 April 1986. One room in the museum is dedicated to the victims’ shoes. There are over four thousand displayed shoes in the Permanent Exhibition. Polish sculptor, Mieczyslaw Stobierski (1914-1998) made a plaster model of the gas chambers at the crematorium in Auschwitz Birkenau. This model contains three thousand individually sculpted figures and is more than twenty feet in length. Speakers, movies, books, models, quotes, pictures, and other precious artifacts from this tragedy can all be found in the museum.

The students who went on this trip were able to explore the museum with their groups.

“The museum was very well done. All of the sequences followed in order, and it gave the students a good understanding of the crime done to humanity. I liked the identification cards that they gave us in the beginning. One thing a lot of people forget about is that twenty million Russians were killed as well. It wasn’t just Jewish people; it was much more,” history teacher Todd Weiss said.

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