Students Find Value in Holocaust Class

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Students in the Fleetwood Area High School have the opportunity to take a class called “Holocaust through Film and Literature.”

They read and watch movies on Holocaust-related topics and then discuss them afterwards.

The class used to be taught by Mrs. Jennifer Goss and Mr. Sean D. Gaston, but now the reigns have been handed over to Mrs. Dina Heffner and Gaston.

“I took the class Sophomore year, and I really enjoyed it,” senior Delaney Karpeuk said.

The students discuss topics on the Holocaust and watch movies including Schindler’s List, Defiance, and other Holocaust-related movies.

The students also read books and diaries of Holocaust survivors to give them an in-depth description on what the Holocaust was really like.

The students then get tested on the things they learn in the class.

“The tests are pretty hard,” junior Lizzie Geesey said.

The Holocaust class is a great class to learn more about history and how to prevent similar tragedies. Many students take a lot away from the class and say it is very valuable.

This is why the students were able to go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and learn more about it.

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