Magic Kingdom Mired in Measles

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California health officials have linked a measles outbreak to Disneyland visitors. Twelve people with confirmed cases of measles were at Disneyland between December 15 and December 20.

People near a measles patient could be at risk if they have not had the illness or two doses of the vaccine. Getting two doses of vaccine is more than 99% effective, according to the California Department of Health.

“I wonder how the outbreak even happened. Measles hasn’t been a problem for a while. Someone must have gotten it from a foreigner visiting California,” sophomore Maya Stern said.

Other countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, and Vietnam have had much larger measles outbreaks in recent years, so it is a very high possibility that it could have come from one of these countries. Some third world countries do not have the education or the equipment to get rid of diseases like the measles.

Pamela Hymel, medical officer at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, is working with the health department to provide any information and assistance they can to figure out where this all started.

In the current California outbreak, patients range in age from eight months to twenty-one-years-old, according to state health officials. Six of the nine confirmed measles cases involve people who were unvaccinated, including two babies too young to have received their first shots. One person with measles was fully vaccinated.

“What was an eight-month old baby doing in Disneyland in the first place? They can’t even do anything,” Junior Jasmin Martinez said.

Two of the confirmed cases linked to Disneyland were Utah residents, meaning that now the disease has been spread to Utah. Measles have spread in several states, and some doctors are recommending that people get the measles vaccine series again if they are in affected areas.

“This could cause further problems because Utah is near Las Vegas, and that is a very popular place. If it breaks out in Las Vegas, it’s almost guaranteed to get around the United States in a couple weeks,” Stern said.

“If it is recommended to go get the measles vaccine series again, and those who have gotten the shots already still got measles, will it even work?” sophomore Logan Carbaugh said.

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