German Club Bakes a Cake, Takes a Trip

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Frau Moll’s German club, consisting of twenty-four members, were brought together to make Black Forest Cherry cakes for something different and fun to do. The Black Forest Cherry cake is a very popular German dessert.

“We worked as a team, and the reward was the cake!” junior Mileishlia Fernandez-Morales said.

“The toppings were fantastic!” junior Abagail Lasher said.

“Both cakes were very, very creative and delicious!” freshman Amelia Spanier said.

The German club meets after school at least once a month.

Another interesting thing going on in German club is that all of the members are going to take a trip to a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant called Deitsch Eck. The name Deitsch Eck means “German Corner”.

At the restaurant, the students will be having pig stomach, chicken pot pie, potato filling with gravy, buttered corn, lettuce with hot bacon dressing, pepper cabbage, and chow chow. The date of this trip is going to be Friday, 13 March 2015. The members of the German club are all looking forward to it.

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