Nicole Hipp Swims, Volunteers

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Nicole Hipp is a freshman at Fleetwood Area High School. She has amazing talents and works very hard in school and out of school. Nicole loves to swim and help in the life skills class everyday. She works hard in school and keeps up her grades.

Everyday in eighth period, Nicole goes to the life skills room. She helps them end their day and pack up so they can go home at two. She started helping this year when she heard it over the announcements.

Nicole has a love for swimming. Ever since she could remember, she enjoyed swimming. When she turned eight, she started swimming on a competitive team. Now she swims for the Tri Valley Swim Team. She also swims for Fleetwood in the summer. For swimming, she has a lot of ribbons, trophies, patches, and awards. She has about 30 trophies and 40 ribbons and medals all together. Her motivation to swimming is to win, but she also loves the vibe and emotions swimming brings out and her.

Other than swimming, Nicole competes in other sports too. She participates in track in the spring, specifically prints and mid-distances.

She also works very hard in school. Nicole has two AP classes, science and social studies. She consistently earns honor roll. She is involved in student council, and she loves it. In the future, Nicole wants to attend a great college for swimming and teaching.
Nicole gets a lot of support throughout her family. They think it’s a great sport, even if some of her meets are up to twelve hours long. Nicole’s parents try and give everything to her and her sister. Besides just being at every meet, Nicole’s mom helps out at every meet and gives her daughter all the support she can give.

This is just one of many students that go to Fleetwood who make a change everyday.

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