Boyertown Theatre Closes

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There is small theatre in Boyertown on North Reading Avenue that was there for many years, but the property is now for sale. It opened in the year 1912 but closed on 7 March, after 103 years of playing shows for the citizens.

“It has been an honor to serve as the custodian,” Kevin Rhude said in the Reading Eagle Newspaper.

The last performance ran on a Saturday night in December; it was “Kings of Ireland.”

Kevin Rhude was the theatre’s owner after purchasing it in 2008 from a man named Bob Ritner. He renamed it “Ritner’s State Theatre of Boyertown.”

“My mother used to live behind the state theater, and it is sad that I won’t be able to go see good movies for a bargain anymore,” junior Tyeler Barr said.

The last movie that played was “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It wasn’t an ordinary theater; the establishment also hosted live shows. By October 2009, the business started showing digital films so the technology would be more up-to-date. They hosted movies, plays, concerts, dance and music performances, and community fundraising events.

“It’s sad to see a local art venue where people show their talents be taken down,” junior Adam Buonasera said.

The owner tried to raise $100,000 to help and change its appearance so they would have more business. The last concert shown was “Songs of Ireland.” Before closing, Rhude wanted to stop showing movies and just show live entertainment and go out with a bang.

“The theatre has been a town landmark since 1912,” Council President Frank J. Deery said in the Reading Eagle.

“I am upset that the theater is closing after all this time. I had many memories there seeing my favorite movies,”junior Lizzie Geesey said.

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