Virgo Scores 1000 Points!

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On Wednesday, 18 February 2015, Cyré Virgo scored her 1,000th point during the Lady Tiger’s first round of states against York Suburban. Unfortunately, the Tigers couldn’t take York out of district playoffs. The Tigers lost 37-45.
On the bright side, Cyré scored her 1,000th point in the first quarter of the game.

“When I was two points away, I kept that in the back of my mind and kept playing. When I scored my 1,000th point, it didn’t hit me until everyone started cheering, and Coach Kellet stopped the game to give me the game ball. Once he did that, I got emotional, and, when my mom came down, I got even more emotional,” Virgo said.

Lauren Lister assisted Virgo’s 1,000th point.

“OMG, no! I did not expect Cyré to score 1,000 points throughout her four seasons,” Coach Kellet said.

She scored 86 points her freshman year and 243 points her sophomore year. During her junior year, she scored a career high of 366 points. Her senior year, she scored 309 points to give her a total of 1,004 points at the end of her high school basketball career here at Fleetwood Area High School.

“I loved going to every game of hers. I’m definitely her biggest fan at the games. She is such a hard worker and deserved to get her 1,004 points. I almost cried, I was so proud of her! I’ll never forget that moment,” senior Jocelyn VanNess said.

“When I was a freshman, I did not really expect to score 1,000 points. I just wanted to be the biggest asset to the team as I could,” Cyré said.

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