Flicker Prepares for End-of-Year Exit

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Ronald Flicker had the privilege of working at Fleetwood Area High School for only one year. He taught Algebra II for freshman and juniors. But, as a long-term substitute, he is now out of a job.

Flicker worked as a salesman for six years, but he wanted to make his dream come true of being a math teacher. Flicker always loved math and wanted to carry his love for math to other people and help them learn.

Flicker attended the University of Bloomsburg and Kutztown. Between those schools, he has his Business Administration degree in Marketing, and he also has his Secondary Education degree in Mathematics.

“I love my job more than high school kids love their phones,” Flicker said.

Unfortunately, Flicker will not be returning next year because Shannon Shetayh will be returning. Flicker was a sub for the year, but because there are no openings in the school, students will lose an incredible teacher who stopped at nothing to teach his charges.

Flicker has a very unique way of teaching. In the beginning of the year, he taught like the usual math teacher does, where you put up notes or problems and solve them. Towards the middle of the year, Flicker came up with having videos online so all students can move at their own pace and understand things much more clearly. He uses “flipped classroom online videos;” he records his voice talking as each slide goes by. This is an efficient way of learning.

“I’m fair but honest,” Flicker said.

Flicker loves working with kids and teaching them. He knew he wanted to be a teacher since he was in high school but because he wanted money, his guidance counselor told him not to be a teacher.

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