Zombie-Making Bees Found in Thailand

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A species of wasp found only in Thailand turns its prey into a “passive zombie.”

According to a report by the conservation group The World Wildlife Foundation, once the insect’s venom is injected into the cockroach’s body, it proceeds to blocks the receptors that control proactive movement.

“If I ever heard about zombie bug being around this area, I would be out of here in a minute,” junior Olivia Allison said.

As a result, the cockroach is still able to move but cannot control the action.

“I want to see what they look like. These things sound creepy,” junior Gina Esposto said.

As the insect was discovered by a team from the Natural History Museum, Berlin, visitors were challenged with choosing one of four options for its name at a special museum event.

The public was brought in on this part of the process in an effort to engage others in environmental conservation and biodiversity.

This is how the name “zombie” was chosen.

“This freaks me out so much. I wouldn’t want to get stung by a wasp that can turn its’ pray into something like that,” junior Adam Shaperio said.

The wasp species that has this type of venom is a black-and-red colored wasp.  This type is one of 139 previously unknown species found in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia during 2014.

“That is crazy [that] a wasp can do that, but it is also really interesting,” junior Jake Feick said.

“If zombie cockroaches were here in America, I would move. I hate them, especially if they can turn into some sort of zombie,” junior Lexi Roach said.

“I want zombie cockroaches to be here because I think it would cool to have some insect that’s like a zombie around Fleetwood,” junior Nicholas Carrol said.

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