FIFA Scandal Upsets Soccer Fans across the Globe

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FIFA President Sepp Blatter will step down as president. He was recently re-elected for a fifth term after recent allegations against the organization regarding fraud and illegal activities.

There was bidding fraud for the FIFA World Cup to be held in the United States during the elections. This led to many FIFA oficials being arrested and asked to step down.

The FBI is now having an investigation on this matter. They are having an investigation to figure out who commited the fraud and who is behind all of the illegal activities.

Blatter did not say when the election would be held but said it should be before the next World Congress in May 2016.

Even after his re-election, people still questioned he was the man to rebuild the organization’s reputation. Blatter won when Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan conceded.

Blatter failed to get the required 140 votes in the first round of voting to prevail. Another round of voting was called, and because Blatter would need only a simple majority to win the second, his rival, Hussein conceded.

“I think it’s crazy out of all the allegations that are coming out,” senior Mitch Kinek said.

After Blatter won the election, a week and a half later he stepped down. Why? Reporters can only speculate, but no one will be surprised if more allegations surface regarding this matter.

“Being, a soccer fan, I think it’s crazy that someone would do this and for how big of a matter it became,” Kinek continued.

For now, no one knows who the new president will be.

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