Hallway Competition Heats Up

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Homecoming hallways are here!

From Selfie Seniors to Fishy Freshmen, every hallway has its own unique idea. Juniors have an old idea with a new spin on it, as they are the Juvenile Jedi Juniors. This idea is one that you have to look into a little bit more than the rest; it may not be all about the first thing that comes to mind. Soft S’mores will have a very interesting hallway as well!

Seniors decided on Selfie Seniors instead of the Senior Citizens. Some are overly excited to see everyone’s silly selfies, but others are rather upset about not seeing the old teachers with walkers on the doorways.

“I am very interested to see the Selfie Seniors’ hallway ideas, ” English teacher Mr. Good said.

“It isn’t a terrible idea, but it wouldn’t have been my first choice, ” senior Tom Ross said.

The seniors will have team photos and selfies around the senior hallway. If you want to see your silly selfie up on the walls, send them in to get them printed out!

Juniors had the choice between the Jedi Juniors or the Juvenile Juniors, so they combined them. The point of the juvenile part of it is to push the idea of “No Place for Hate.” It refers to the young adults they will be growing into. When the advisers were brought the idea, it was frowned upon. They soon warmed up to the idea.

“Incorporating both of their ideas into one is a great idea. I am excited to see the finished look of the hallway,” speech teacher Miss Majewski said.

“The idea is original and different. It should be interesting,” junior Morgan Petersen said.

“The Juniors hallway idea is pretty great because it is Star Wars. Star Wars, itself, is pretty great,” English teacher Zachary Houp said.

Soft S’mores is a new idea. Some may think it is a bit plain at the moment, but others suggest it will turn into something “s’more.”

When it comes to the Fishy Freshmen, the idea is unique and but delayed because the class did not have an advisor.

“My personal preference would have been the Fearless Freshman,” freshman Jenna York stated.

The freshmen this year will definitely have to prove themselves with their hallway ideas, but after changing the hallway to Finding Freshmen, they have a better chance. The tiger at the end of the hallway is a new favorite. Upperclassmen find it “cute.” The theme might not all be finished but it will come together soon enough.

“The seniors this year deserve to win the hallway contest because we are the best. The lights add a nice touch to the look,” senior Kate Norton said.

All of the hallways are coming together nicely. The entire school will soon be decorated and festive soon enough. Even if not everyone agrees with the hallway choices, the hallways all will be great.

“I don’t really like the hall decorating thing. It’s a fun idea, but all the light changes, and different colors give me headaches, so I just try not to pay attention to them too much,” junior Logan Carbaugh said.

Everyone has their favorite hallways but it all comes down to one…

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