Fall Fashion Trends Push the Envelope

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Fleetwood Area High School students keep up with their style. This year’s fall clothing line is very stylish. There are a lot of new trends surfacing this season.

For the new Calvin Klein, designers created a “Floor-Duster Coat.”  The coat is described as a cream color coat with big silver buttons. The coat reaches to the feet so that this provides warmth to the whole body.

Brandy Melville has a lot of new ideas of this fall’s new collection. A crop-top-style with long sleeves. A person could wear it with leggings or high rise jeans.

“I love to wear boots and scarfs,” study hall monitor Tracey Reich said.

A new clothing line that is blowing up is Fabletics. One of their famous styles is joggers. Customers could wear joggers with a tank top. If it’s cold, a person could throw a zip-up jacket over the tank top.

“I like a boy tank top with clogs,” senior Melanie Singh said.

Birkenstocks has a new collection of shoes coming out for fall. They have unique boots that are perfect for the upcoming cold weather. They also have very stylish rain boots that are very popular.

“I only wear Birkenstock clogs–always and forever,” English teacher Zachary Houp said.

“In the fall, I like to weather flannels and boots,” senior Katie Lochman said.

Victoria’s Secret has a very cute and comfy style for this year’s fall line. They have a variety of different sweatshirts that are perfect for a cold day. To go with a sweatshirt, they have boot-cut yoga pants. Victoria’s Secret also has a wide variety of very comfortable sweatpants.

“I like wearing my favorite coat because I can use it for fall and winter,” science teacher Damian King said.

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